My Voice My School gives children the opportunity to share their ideas about education and their future.

My Voice-My School is an education project which seeks to empower youth by giving them a voice and an opportunity to communicate across borders on issues that matter to them. It puts children at the heart of the conversation about what a quality education should look like and appeals to the international community to continue to prioritize education funding, particularly in the context of the crises in Gaza and Syria.

My Voice-My School is a joint response of UNRWA and Digital Explorer. It is based around online video conversations between Palestine refugee children from Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan attending UNRWA schools in these fields and their peers in Europe and the USA.Through the use of these video conversations, online digital media and specifically-designed teaching resources, children will benefit from the sense of solidarity across borders and will also develop the skills needed to advocate for their own education and future.

The project is situated within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 4: Quality Education. It emphasizes ‘quality education’ as a right of every child and it provides opportunities for students to voice their ideas on what makes education ‘quality’. It reflects the principles and practices of the UNRWA education reform by empowering students to think and share ideas about teaching and learning including student-centered approaches and the use of technology in the classroom.

Similarly, the My Voice-My School project is the ‘student voice’ strand of UNRWA’s Education in Emergency response. The project highlights the importance of providing a quality education for all students, whatever their circumstances.

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